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Control access to your songs & content through custom subscriptions. Set content to premium, set your fee & you’re ready to monetize! Build custom merch with your logos & branding. Set your price. That’s it, we take care of production & delivery so you can focus on your craft.

Get these features plus many more, all for free!

Products & Features

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Create & Ship Custom Merch

Add your logo, set the price, that's it! We take care of the production and fulfilment of merch in almost every country around the world.

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Custom monetization

Set your own price & control content access via subscriptions or sales.The best alternative to Soundcloud & Spotify monetization.

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Email Your Fans

Send batch emails to your fans inbox. No need to message followers one at a time. Send emails in a professional way and reach all your fans.

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Payouts the way you want

Get your money when & where you want it. PayPal or direct deposit? We have you covered with the most popular payout methods world wide.

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Online mixing & audio mastering

Mixdown stems & songs in realtime. Render & master instantly.

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Make custom graphics

Need graphic design? Make album covers, banners & work on your branding easily.

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Detailed Stats

easily see how much you have earned & from were with our beautiful UI and monetization tools.

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Secure payments

Accept secure payments from Visa, MasterCard, PayPal + more popular methods

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An all-in-one platform that creators have been waiting for

A fully flushed out set of tools designed by & for musicians, podcasters, or any content creator

We have combined all the tools you need to manage and monetize your music, content, or podcasts & brand. Turn On Sound's products & features are professional and streamlined for ease of use and free to setup. Check out Custom automated merchandise shop, Custom revenue & monetization tools, Direct Payouts & Split-pay for labels, Brand art & logo design tools Plus many more amazing features & tools.

We also offer an professional email tools, detailed stats, secure payments infrastructure all this and much more. Stop spending your time on platforms that lack the tools for our modern era. From musicians to podcasters, we are dedicated to providing the best solutions to create and grow your brand & its revenue. We provide the best tools you just wont get from other platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

Why Choose Turn On Sound?

Turn On SoundSoundcloudSpotify
Free Features
Custom merch (printed & delivered)YesNoNo
Set & collect subscription revenueYesNoNo
Artist focused/No advertisersYesNoNo
Full control of monetizationYesNoNo
Direct deposit (collect revenue)YesNoNo
Stats & revenue overviewYesNoNo
HD streamingYesNoNo
Email inbox your fans/followersYesNoNo
Create custom album artYesNoNo
Pro Features
16 bit streamingYesNoNo
No suggested artist on public profileYesNoNo
Live video streaming with fans (coming soon!)YesnoNo
Larger payoutsYesNoNo
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Amazing listening experience

Music lovers will be at home!

Never loose track of new music & artists you discover with our audio library organizer. Designed for ease of use and Intuitive functionality, you will be inspired to listen and find new tracks all day.

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Modern tools for your brand

Unparalleled tools to automate custom merch e commerce. Game changing artist & creator monetization tools. Let your fans hear your music the way you want with HD streaming & no auto volume adjustments.

Get started now.

Designed for musicians and creators, not advertisers.
Take control of your art

We pour our passion and knowledge into giving the best professional online business tools for musicians and audionauts. Control how you make money from your music and give your fans an amazing experience from listening to buying your brand merchandise.

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Tools for any creator

We offer tools from online mixing & mastering to instant custom merch.

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Intuitive central hub

Keep track of all your revenue, plays, sales and interact with your fans, all in one place.

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Artist & creators first

Creator first approaches to monetization and online streaming.

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Monetize your videos

Upload your videos as premium content and start collecting revenue. You have a video lesson series or tutorial? create premium video playlists and set your fee, that's it!

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Get setup in minutes

Create your music profile and merch shop quickly and easily. Start selling and shipping custom merchandise free & collect revenue for your music. Music business tools changing the industry. The number one Spotify & Soundcloud alternative.

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Receive payments from your fans

Get paid by many popular payment methods. Collect your payouts with direct deposit or PayPal.

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Scale globally

Reach new and old fans from all over the world and grow your monthly income over time. Build a solid fan base globally and stay connected with our pro email tools.

Artist & creators first

Professional tools for musicians & podcasters built on top of a social streaming platform.

Don't wait any longer or waste any more time on platforms that don't give you the tools you need to thrive and grow as a business. Register now and start using our most powerful tools free.