All you need to know about NFT's & music

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a new smart contract block-chain asset technology. Amongst other things, It allows artists, musicians and content creators to sell their work as an exclusive digital asset that can be displayed & resold by the buyers. This revolutionary cryptographic tech is being integrated in many industries and ripe to cause disruption. Nft's are being compared to the invention of the internet & are being built on top of the Ethereum Block-chain. NFT stands for non-fungible token, existing on a blockchain it controls ownership over a digital property, often art or music. the value is set by the price people are willing to pay.

What are music NTF's?

Here are some ways NTF's can be useful to the music industry

  1. baking in automated royalties to the resale of nft.
  2. commodify music releases.
  3. baking in automated royalties to resale of nft.
  4. Stop ticket scalping over pricing.
  5. Control the ownership of music rights.
  6. Help prevent music piracy.
  7. Lets artist's control supply and demand of releases.
The possibilities might be endless!