A robust set of tools that let you sell your music instantly & its free!

Add songs or podcasts to profile, set your price and start selling your tracks today.

Start monetizing & selling your music in minutes

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Free forever

As a free user you can start selling and collecting revenue for you music now right from your profile along side your custom merch.

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Full control

Free public upload or premium paid songs? Thats all up to you and in your control. Control access to your music the way you want.

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Accept popular payment methods world wide

From PayPal to Master Card & Vise, your fans can support you any way they want, making it easy for you to stay focused on creating.

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Set your own fees

Set your own fees and be your own boss. Cut out the middle men who take most of your revenue and keep it in your pocket.

Designed for musicians and creators, not advertisers.
Take control of your art

We pour our passion and knowledge into giving the best professional online business tools for musicians and audionauts. Control how you make money from your music and give your fans an amazing experience from listening to buying your brand merchandise.

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Tools for any creator

We offer tools from online mixing & mastering to instant custom merch.

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Intuitive central hub

Keep track of all your revenue, plays, sales and interact with your fans, all in one place.

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