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Chosen Masters Online Audio Mastering Testimonials
- David Heartbreak

"This audio mastering sounds incredible! The results were loud, crystal clear and most importantly warm. 10 out of 10."

Chosen Masters Online Audio Mastering Testimonials
[Dim Mak & Play Me]

"Very simple & affordable way for producers to get their songs sounding thick with instant turn around time. Truly head scratching results for live cloud audio mastering!"

Chosen Masters Online Audio Mastering Testimonials
- Levianth
[Trap Nation & Elysian]

"I really could not believe an online audio mastering engine could ever master my songs the way i wanted to but i was shocked when I heard the results. Amazing quality and real time settings"

Chosen Masters Online Audio Mastering Testimonials
-Tha Trickaz
[Otodayo Records]

"This will level up your mastering! quick & simple to use, mix-down game changer."

Master or re-master any song and stem

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Free to demo

Get free song demos from our cloud mastering engine any time.

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Change settings instantly

Just change the audio settings in real time and hear the results instantly, no more waiting for re processing.

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Download audio in many formats

Mp3's, WAV, OGG files, we have it all, so even if you make video games you can use our engine to master your audio files

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Pro sound quality

Crystal clear audio but still loud and warm, everything you want in audio mastering.

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AI Audio Mastering – How Does this Audio Mastering software Work

No matter what kind of musician you are, you will love our music mastering platform. just upload your audio file, then what for cloud audio mastering software do its job. Now all you have to do is pick some settings and download. Fast results are important, along with an easy to use high quality UX. Our AI mastering system gives the warmest and clean loud results you expect from pro audio mastering.

Is Audio Mastering Important?

Song & music mastering is the last step in audio production before you send your music to distro. Normally you would work with an human mastering engineer, but with a cloud based audio software, you can get professional results in an instant.

Reasons to choose our cloud mastering software.

  1. Pro tier results that would take decades to perfect instantly
  2. Audio quality sounds expensive but is very affordable
  3. Intuitive UI/UX

Its not just the speed of processing, we put many many years of audio mastering skills are part of our product. A live cloud mastering service that stands above the rest.

Do you want to remaster songs or old tracks?

Not a problem, with a powerful online software like ours, you will be able to use it for any style of song from any era, mastered in teh past or not, Chosen Masters AI Mastering gives pro results for everyone!

Try unlimited free audio mastering tests 24 hours a day.

Why great music mastering will be important.

Get balanced sound on many sound systems and never miss a beat.

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